Michael's marathon updates

Michael's marathon updates

Running to raise money for the Octagon's charitable work, Michael tells us about his preparation ahead of the London Marathon this April!


“Training update – Up and roaring on Sunday morning and out of the house by 8.45am after a light breakfast of porridge and raisins. 

Training in torrential rain

Did not realise that the horrendous rain was about to kick in en route! Within minutes there were dark clouds on the vista which quickly turned into heavy and freezing rain.

Nevertheless, I dug in and ran 16 miles taking in the sights of Stretford, Chorlton, Didsbury, Fallowfield, Manchester city centre and Old Trafford. Another long run next weekend with some cheeky short ones in the week.

Keep on keeping on, keep on keeping strong!”


"18 miles of marathon training was done in a grey but deceptively warm Manchester. Despite the smile, the howler of a t-shirt and the ridiculous post, the run wasn’t easy and the cosmic energy was low but I kept going! Unrelated fact: The picture was taken by two police officers on bikes one of whom was from Bolton!

As well as midweek training runs, I then ran the Wilmslow Half Marathon on Sunday 19 March 2017 with my girlfriend Claire McIntrye who also works for the Octagon Theatre.

It was great running along the green country lanes near Wilmslow in Cheshire and the support was brilliant. It was also well organised, quite hilly at times (but I keep telling myself that hills are good for me right?!?) and the rain only got heavy near the end! In addition, I ran past a dog that barked/quacked like a duck which made me smirk!" 

So far, Michael has raised £628.71 so far, whic his incredible. Thank you for all of your support so far. Please help Michael to reach his target in support of our charitable work both on and off-stage click here.