#LoveTheatreDay 2018

#LoveTheatreDay 2018

For #LoveTheatreDay 2018 we asked a selection of people from across our organisation - why do you love theatre? We'd also love to know why you love theatre! Tweet us @octagontheatre or find us on Facebook or Instagram.

"I love theatre because it can reflect our lives on stage and raise questions that we wouldn’t have thought about before!"
Rosie, Development Administrator

"I like theatre because it's always different and therefore exciting"
Charlie, Head of Communications

"It's a coming together of different people to share in one experience"
Alex, Creative Engagement Administrator

"I love theatre to escape! It's being present in another world."
Kiera, Executive Assistant

"Because I love watching people be silly!"
Rachael, Press & Digital Officer

"Because it's joyful and exciting!"
Rubina, Finance Manager

"I love theatre because the possibilities are endless"
Amy, Academy Director

"Because no two days are the same"
Abi, Assistant Stage Manager

"Everyone loves telling stories. From the FOH staff to Box Office, everyone gets to explore their imagination."
Tor, Company Stage Manager

"I genuinely believe it can change peoples lives and it definitely has changed mine"
Saf, Deputy Stage Manager

"Why I love the Octagon (not just theatre) is beacuse it's an organisation that the people in this town feel they own. I can play my small part in something that means so much to so many. I first came here when I was 6 and I was frightened to death by Wind in the Willows."
Keith, Head of Finance.

"The reason I love theatre is because it brings people together and makes people smile"
Nicola, Box Office

"I enjoy being transported to a different world."
Jade, Box Office