Jane Eyre: a novel that still speaks today

Jane Eyre: a novel that still speaks today

Jane Eyre achieved swift success and established a long lasting place in English literature

Charlotte Brontë initially approached the publishers Smith, Elder and Company with her novel The Professor: A Tale, and met with no success.

Instead they invited her to submit a three-volume novel with more action and excitement in it. She had already almost finished Jane Eyre: An Autobiography and so completed and submitted this alternative text at once.

Jane Eyre was accepted and published just eight weeks later to immediate success. Since then Jane’s bold spirit, sharp wit and great courage have established a special place for her character in the cannon of English Literature, and Jane Eyre has been adapted for stage, screen and radio over 60 times.

This new stage adaptation by Janys Chambers and Lorna French is a passionate and dramatic retelling of Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece.

We caught up with co-writer Janys Chambers on a recent visit to The Octagon and she shared some of her thoughts on the character of Jane Eyre.

“Jane fights to determine herself like any modern feisty feminist, “Do you think because I am poor and plan and obscure, I am soulless and heartless?” she says. “If so, you are wrong. I have as much soul, as much heart as you! I am not talking through the medium of convention here; this is my spirit addressing your spirit, as equals.” No wonder this amazing novel still speaks to us today.”

Come and let Jane Eyre inspire you with what one woman's indomitable spirit, love and courage can achieve.