Hear from our first 'Buy a Brick' supporter

Hear from our first 'Buy a Brick' supporter

Juliette Bradbury bought the first gold Octagon brick on our 50th anniversary!

I am super excited about the plans for Octagon Reimagined. It will be even more fantastic when it re-opens in 2019.

Juliette Bradbury

"I'm thrilled that I am number one in the queue for a gold brick. 

I have been coming to the Octagon for many years, and I like to see all the productions.

I am blown away by the very high standard of all productions, whether in the theatre or the studio. 

I love how the Octagon also encourages new writing, and has reached out to all members of the community to bring theatre to everyone. No one is left out!

Above all, I love that I live in Bolton and am so lucky to have the Octagon on my doorstep; and that the staff at the Octagon are not only highly professional, but are so friendly and welcoming. It is always such a pleasure to visit the Octagon."