Habibti Driver - Character Profiles

Habibti Driver - Character Profiles

Get to know the characters of our brand new comedy Habibti Driver by taking a look at our fun character personality profiles.

We are pleased to introduce the hilarious, lovable and unforgettable characters who feature in this brilliantly funny East meets Wigan comedy. 

Meet Ashraf

An Egyptian/Muslim taxi driver, serial 'yes-man' and people pleaser, who sneaks off to Egypt to get married without telling anyone, but has plenty to say about his daughter Shaz's love life.

He is Egypt's answer to Del-Boy, a purveyor of Wigan's finest hot sauce.

He loves a viral goat video.

Meet Shazia

Ashraf's half-Egyptian, half-Wigan daughter, who is more interested in the last call at the bar than the call to prayer!

She is struggling to break the news of her engagement to her father.

Shazia tries to keep the peace - balancing the Burkas with the bacon butties whilst staying true to herself.

Meet Chris

Shaz's fiancé, top bloke and a reet good lad.

His heart's in the right place, but he's clueless about Egyptian culture and is no stranger to putting his foot in it.

He loves footie, is partial to a meat and potato pie, but also wants to better himself via cultural date nights with Shaz. Falafel anyone?

Meet Yasmin

Ashraf's new Egyptian bride, who might not be what she first appears.

Fresh off the plane in Wigan, Yasmin throws herself into learning English, driving lessons and becoming a true 'British Citizen' - ultimately doing whatever it takes to keep the family afloat.

Meet Yusuf

Ashraf's brother and also his boss! 

A key figure in the Muslim community, Yusuf loves his brother and wants the best for his family, but his strict beliefs make compromise a challenge.

He also bloody loves a goat video.

Meet Jean

Ashraf's ex-wife and Shaz's mum.

Bingo fanatic and bargain hunter. Loves Aldi, loves Shaz - it's a fight for which comes top.

Heart of gold, balls of steel.

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Forget East is East, East meets Wigan in this hilarious and heart-warming new play that will make you laugh and make you cry as it explores the clashes, compromises and comedy that come with living in a mixed-culture family in today's Britain.

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