Experience: our Relaxed Performances

Experience: our Relaxed Performances

Our staff and audiences tell us about our relaxed performances.

During the run of our festive productions, we have two relaxed performances where both the Front of House areas and the auditorium are adapted to those who may find it difficult to visit the theatre or see a production. 

Front of House Manager Sarah Jackson enjoys working on relaxed performances: "Relaxed performances really sum up the Octagon Theatre and the people who work here - it’s us at our best, giving everyone the opportunity to watch the stories we tell in a welcoming and understanding environment."

Our relaxed performances have a less formal, more supportive atmosphere to reduce anxiety levels.

There is a relaxed attitude to audience noise and movement, and small changes to the sound levels and lighting effects. There are also other provisions such as visual stories, a chill-out space, and extra staff around to offer a helping hand.

"I believe that everyone should have a chance to come to the theatre and that we as theatre-makers have a duty to provide an accessible performance to all."

Saf Horrocks, Deputy Stage Manager

We have two relaxed performances of A Christmas Carol taking place on Thu 11 January 2018. Find out more from our relaxed performances page.