Opening conversations: 'Ashes' and Infertility

Opening conversations: 'Ashes' and Infertility

We are producing Ashes to express the struggle that many people face when trying to conceive a child. Through this production we hope to encourage constructive conversations about the difficulties people face, the challenging circumstances that many find themselves in and to explore the bigger questions surrounding fertility treatment.

Ashes is set in the 1970s, so the two main characters, Colin and Anne, don't have the option of trying IVF. Instead, they go through other methods of trying to conceive, some of which are still used today, with varying success.   

During the rehearsal process for this production, we have all been researching and discussing the challenges that can face couples who are trying to have a child and the way this can effect their lives. We want to encourage our audiences to enter into these conversations and to find out more about these issues, which affect thousands of people every year.

So, we wanted to share with you some articles and websites that we found extremely informative about infertility, IVF and the pursuit of parenthood, as well as offering a place to discuss the impact of infertility:

The Pursuit of Motherhood - Jessica Hepburn
A moving blog about pursuing parenthood

Fertility Network

Fertility Matters - Kate Brian
A website which provides information, advice, and support to those who are having difficulties getting pregnant

Inspirational Stories from Lesley Pyne's website

NHS - infertility advice and finding support

Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority - Patient stories