Artist Residency Week 1

Artist Residency Week 1

Our first artist in resident, Elizabeth Twells, gives us a look in to her week at the Octagon

Elizabeth Twells is a Manchester based actor and theatre-maker who our audiences may recognise from our 2019 production of The Importance of being Earnest.

Elizabeth was the first recipient of our Artist Incubation residencies and has spent the last week developing her debut piece as a playwright - Full Screw, a physical two-hander that explores the recruitment and experience of the working class in the British Armed Forces.

She was joined by actor John Askew.

Full Screw is a story that explores the militarisation of the working class.

It follows two regional young people through their final years in state education and how they find their way into the British Army. We see their firsts steps into Army life, how status and class are now imbedded into their everyday, and how this impacts their behavior to the world and each other.

The play is based on real experiences/semi-autobiographical and is highly physical.

Sharing her thoughts on the week, Elizabeth said: 

"This week has been a dream! 

"I've been developing my play during lockdown, but I've been desperate to get into a space to physically create and explore ideas, so having a week in the studio has been incredible. The new building is fantastic and being supported by the Octagon Team throughout the week with costume, set and tech has been wonderful. 

"During the week myself and John have created the beginning of the play, mapped out both character's journey, and explored the physical language (it's been sweaty!) of the world. I'm bursting with ideas of how the story will develop and I'm so grateful to the Octagon for supporting us this week. 

Thank you!"

The Artist incubation residencies is the latest project from the Octagon to support local artists.

For all the latest opportunities visit the new Artist and Freelancer section on our website.

All artist incubation weeks are taking place under strict covid-secure guidance including social distancing and household bubbles.