A little bit about... 'A Christmas Carol'

A little bit about... 'A Christmas Carol'

A brief history about Charles Dickens' iconic novel.

The full title of this classic story is A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost-Story of Christmas

It was published in December 1843 and had sold out by Christmas Eve!

  • Charles Dickens did public readings of the story from 1853 until 1970. The last performance reading he did before he retired was A Christmas Carol
  • The novel is divided into five chapters or ‘staves’
  • There are FOUR ghosts in the story. Jacob Marley, the Ghost of Christmas Past, the Ghost of Christmas Present and the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come
  • This novel has never been out of print
  • The name ‘Scrooge’ is now in the dictionary as a synonym for ‘miser', 'penny-pincher’ and ‘skinflint’
  • Dickens wanted to highlight the difficulties of life that many people had to deal with, especially children, at the time. By writing about Tiny Tim, and the child of Ignorance and Want, Dickens prompted lots of charitable actions from many prominent figures and the public.

Our production of A Christmas Carol has been adapted for the stage by Bolton-born Neil Duffield and is playing from Fri 17 November 2017 - Sat 13 January 2018, with plenty of festive music!