Investigate Day, An enemy of the people
Investigate Day, An enemy of the people


Please submit your CV to, clearly stating which part you think you are suitable for. Due to the volume of emails and letters we receive, we do not accept general submissions.

Frequently asked questions

When do you cast your shows?
We cast each show separately, and the timing of this will be based around the availability of the director of that particular show. There may be times when we are casting more than one production, and other times when we are not casting at all. You will always be able to find out what we are currently casting for on this page.

Will you be casting for every role in every show?
No. For some roles, the director will know who their ideal casting would be, and may even offer the role to that person without auditioning them. If, when we are casting a show, a role is not listed as available, you can assume it is already cast.

How do I submit myself for an acting role at the Octagon?
You can send your CV by emailing You will receive an automatic reply to acknowledge that your CV has reached us – unfortunately, due to the fact that we receive hundreds (sometimes thousands) of submissions for each show, we are not able to reply to each submission individually.

Do you use Casting Directors?
We sometimes work with freelance casting directors who will act as consultants, providing ideas for our productions. Please do not contact them directly with submissions; make sure you send them to the Octagon. That is the only way to guarantee that we see them.

If you are interested in submitting yourself for an acting role at the Octagon, please take a moment to read our Casting Policy above before you contact us. We hope that the policy will provide you with all the information you need. If you have any further questions please contact Gemma Ingham, on

Casting Policy

Submission process 

We only interview actors when casting particular plays. We never hold general interviews or auditions.

We would encourage any actor hoping to join the Octagon Company to familiarise themselves with our season and suggest him/herself for any part(s) which s/he believes s/he would play extremely well. We request that actors do not send letters asking us to consider them for the whole season - please be specific!

Private Lives rehearsal
Private Lives rehearsal.

Please make submissions to our casting email address, and not to Elizabeth Newman. Submissions may be made directly by actors or via their agent, by post to The Octagon Theatre, Howell Croft South, Bolton BL1 1SB or by email to

We will make a judgement on your suitability for the parts you suggest and you will be contacted should we wish to meet with you. If not, your CV will be kept on file for the duration of the season.

Please note that we receive several thousand submissions each season, and unfortunately it is not possible to respond individually to these.

Information for agents

If you would like to suggest a client for any upcoming production then please send their c.v to


Singing In The Rain rehearsal
Singing In The Rain rehearsal

If you are invited for an interview, please make sure that, if there is a script available, you have read the play so that the director can have a fruitful dialogue with you. If you have been called for an interview at short notice this may not be possible and will, of course, be taken into account. If the production is a new play, we will endeavour to send you the relevant scenes.

Please be in good time for your appointment. If you have to cancel or are going to be late please let us know.

Elizabeth may want to read with you and to work on a scene of your choice, so we advise you to prepare for the interview as if it were a rehearsal. We will try to make the interview productive and enjoyable for you.

After your interview we will let you know via your agent if we are able to offer you work. We will try to be as clear as possible as to when we hope to make a decision; however, please don't assume that, if you have not heard from us for a week or so we will not be making an offer - putting the right cast together is like a complicated jigsaw and can take a long time.

We have an integrated casting policy. We seek to cast actors from all cultural groups and of all ethnicities. We also seek to provide opportunities for actors with disabilities or impairments to be cast in our productions.